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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


For such kind of assignments, the payment is decided on the basis of complexity and urgency. It also depends on research involved to complete a particular task.
The earning of a writer depends on the number of assignments he/she completes in a month. We never force our freelance writers to accept an assignment. It depends on their wish whether he/ she wants to take an assignment or not. The range of earning is from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 60,000+ per month.
You can do through support ticket from My Support area by sharing the candidate’s resume.
Yes, our experts are more than satisfied, as we have protocols, communication media, effective planning, pre-defined terms & conditions, automatic billing, pre-stated payment date& 7 days working support panel.
The payment for assignments done by a writer is every month. An accumulated amount of all the assignments is credited to the account of the writers between 10th to 12th dates of next month.
We pay through online banking for Indian Experts or Paypal for experts other than the India. For getting payment, one needs to update the bank details over portal through “My profile”
Every assignment has a unique Reference Number i.e. Order ID (5-7 Digits Numeric).
No, you cannot provide the same solutions. It’s your responsibility to contribute 0% plagiarized work.
Yes, you can, but need different/mismatched solutions as plagiarism could lead to non-acceptance of the assignment. Also, the repercussions of the same are too stringent as the student could be barred to take an exam or course & if from other countries, could be asked to leave the country.
Forgetting assignments according to your expertise; you can contact us through live support chat. Having no positive response then raise a ticket regarding your problem through my support. You may also contact us on our contact details as mentioned on the website.